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Ms. Susanne Bruesch:
Market Overview & Product Niches
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Mr. Jay Townley:
E-bike Market Channels & Strategies in the US
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Mr. Ed Benjamin:
Consumer Behavior of E-bikes & E-scooters in the US
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Mr. Hannes Neupert:
How Does Product Design Affect the Acceptance and Success of Pedelecs and E-bikes
1,95 MB 1,74 MB
Mr. Yoshitaka Hosoi:
Trend of E-bike R&D
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Mr. Tokao Ono:
Product Development in National Bicycle Industrial Co. Ltd.
n/a n/a
Dr. Frank Jamerson:
E-bike Battery Technology: Today and Future
n/a n/a
Mr. Ed Benjamin:
US Regulations
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Ms. Annick Roetynck:
EC Regulations
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Mr. Zi-Qiang Guo:
China Regulations
44 KB 35 KB
Mr. Masanori Ogai:
Japan Regulations
12 KB 7 KB
Mr. Man-Chang Liao:
Taiwan Regulations
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Mr. Hannes Neupert:
What would be the Ideal Regulations for the World Market
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